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Highly Brandable – 2 word – Alliteration – .com


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  • Highly Brandable
  • English Words
  • 879 Exact Match Searches/mo
  • 490,000 Broad Match Searches/mo
  • Memorable, with use of “alliteration”




Once in a while a great domain comes up that is both highly catchy, memorable and ticks all the right boxes for perfect entry to a market.

This is one of those times. meets all these conditions. Just check all the valuable keyword phrases below to understand what an important and tappable market this is.
With names like easily going for 5 figures, this truly is a special market.

This domain is not only catchy and brandable, but it has a brilliant 490,000 Broad Match Searches on Google alone every month! This is a unique and marketable domain that will stick in customers minds.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a TRULY memorable domain in the booming “online backup” and file sync industry. With the proliferation of open source and other tools
available, the savvy buyer will be able to turn this into a household name with unbelievable potential.

With the startup industry in full boom this domain holds great appeal for a backup app or online backup outsourcing business. Highly recognizable with
alliteration, this catchy domain will give a business an amazing head start.

This auction is just for the undeveloped domain: – nothing else is included in the sale.

The domain will be pushed to the winning bidder’s account.

Payment with Escrow within 3 business days or else it will automatically be relisted by Namler Crowdsourcing Market.




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KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCost Per Click
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sql server backup906.47
backup sql database90





The domain will be pushed to the winning bidder’s NameCheap account on closing.

All payments are by Escrow to ensure a smooth transfer. The buyer is responsible for any Escrow fees.

All offers are considered, and the seller retains the right to take down/sell at any given time.

As above Payment Escrow within 3 business days or else it will be relisted automatically by Namler Crowdsourcing Market.




We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Just click “Contact Seller” above to secure message us.





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