Hello and thanks for visiting.Namler helps

Hello and thanks for visiting.

Namler helps you to find domain names, business names, product names, and brand names that will inspire your customers. Namler is like jet fuel for naming projects, helping you identify stronger, and more universally identifiable names. We aim to supercharge your productivity, and provide an indespensible alternative to traditional naming methods — so take control and leave the competition in your wake today, with Namler .

Please see our key help topics below, to assist you in finding an inspiring name for any purpose. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly support anytime to discuss your requirements, and we will get back to you to help. We are genuine people behind a young and evolving site, hoping to help you achieve your goal in any way we can.

Key Help Topics
How can I put my own words into names? You can select the “custom” word option by clicking the red “options” button. This allows you to keep a custom word present in every single name suggested.What is Alliteration mode? Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter, or sound, at the beginning of adjacent words. Alliteration is used by some of the world’s most iconic brands (think “Coca Cola”). It is undoubtedly one of the strongest tools in your arsenal when selecting a highly memorable, business name. Namler builds alliteration from the word groups you select in the user interface.What is the Anagram machine? The anagram machine takes the word types you select on the right, and jumbles them to form new words in random order. You will be able to hover your mouse over an anagram to reveal the source words (i.e. anagram = nag a ram)The band names are fairly basic, why? Yes! The default selections for Namler’s band name mode are based on animal names! As animals are universally recognizable and this should be an important factor when selecting any name. However the options are really endless as you will see in band mode, you can select any word group type to have Namler suggest you band names based on those too.The business section needs lots more industry options, what’s with that? This is our biggest section and the core of Namler’s focus. Namler’s business name engine currently has 27 preset modes built-in. Bear in mind these are only presets, and everything is modular and customizable. We encourage you to use these as a good starting point, and from their explore using custom words and really dig into Namler’s options to generate your favorites.What is the Idiom option? What are names based on Idioms? Idioms are groups of words established as having a meaning, not deducible from those of the individual words. e.g. Head over heels. The idea behind including an ever expanding pool of known idioms in our engine is, these are universally recognizable across much of the World. They can both hold great value as a domain name and “front of shop” for your business or brand, as they are on the lips of millions of people worldwide already.About places and locations, a place I need a name for isn’t in the list Namler currently knows about every city, country and nationality on earth. At present the city data comprises of locations over a certain size. We are continually reviewing and improving upon our data sets to give our valued members the best options.What is the Oxymoron’s option? What are names based on Oxymoron’s? Oxymoron’s are a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear. e.g. Real fantasy. Much like idiom’s, these are recognizable across much of the World as having a real meaning that people can relate to. Domain names are the real estate of the 21st century and many valuable domain names are to be found in oxymoron’s.Why is there a people option? I thought this was a business name generator? People are at the heart and soul of what we do; people make the world go round and it felt appropriate that we included a good people / baby names / kids name generator. Also, as some of the most successful small businesses are based on people names, this is as highly relevant to business as it is a new family naming their child.What is a Portmanteau and why are names based on Portmanteaus great? Portmanteaus are new words created from blends of two or more words. Some very strong brand names in recent years have utilized the “portmanteau”. Namler builds portmanteaus from the word groups you select in the user interface.Why is Namler not allowing me any more names today? Namler is a software as a service (SaaS) website. The software is licensed on a membership basis and is centrally hosted for your use. You can run the software several times for free during any one day without logging in, and at that point you will be required to Login or Sign up to continue to use Namler that day.Why can’t I create another name project? Name project management features are a reserved function for Namler members. In order to unlock these features please Login or Sign up. Thank you.Why can’t I save any more names? Unrestricted name saving and brainstorming are also features reserved for our members and those with a subscription. You can use the basic feature set free, but in order to make use of advanced features and continue using Namler past the free access, you will need to Login or Sign up for membership.I have a membership but I want even more features! How can I upgrade? If you would like to change your membership level in order to gain access to additional features, follow these simple instructions. These instructions also apply if you are interested in downgrading your membership to a lower level.Upgrading or downgrading your membership
  • Log in to your account.
  • From your “My Account” page, click the link to “Change Membership Level”.
  • The next screen will show you an overview of our available membership levels with links to upgrade or downgrade.
  • After you select a new membership level, you will be directed to our checkout page in order to complete your membership subscription.
  • Your previous subscription payment will be cancelled and a new subscription payment will be created.
  • Your increased or decreased access will be confirmed once a successful subscription payment has been received for your new membership level.
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