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Frequently asked questions

Hello & thanks for stopping by! We made this page to answer all your most weird and wonderful questions 😀

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Namler for?
It’s for everyone looking to find the BEST available domain names! We especially think it will appeal to any new business coming online, startups, naming agencies and domain investors.
What is so special about this?
The most important asset of any online business is its’ domain name. Namler finds you potentially valuable names, ones your customers will easily remember you by.
Can I use Namler for free?
Yes! Get started instantly and see how many amazing domain names you can find!
Why do I need this?
When you consider the painstaking effort required to manually find amazing (single word, or other) domain names, versus Namler which can find you many of these in minutes, we know you’re going to love this!
What is the difference between free and paid access?
Quota. Guest access (not logging in) gives you limited access to the cloud app to discover great domains. Sign up for a free personal account to increase your daily usage, and joining as a member gives you full access to all names, unlocks team features, sharing, CSV downloads and cloud sync, among many other great benefits!
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Any paid for Namler services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade any time. We have a free trials, a completely free tier, and 2 paid options (professional, business), suitable for everything from casual users right through to enterprise customers with leading domain portfolios.
Do you keep my credit card data?
No! All transactions are processed by a third party, Stripe (or PayPal if you choose), because they are both secure, payment industry compliant and have great names 🙂 Our servers don’t access your billing card data so you can rest assured.
Is this secure?
Yes, we take security EXTREMELY seriously. Please look for the padlock in the top left of your browser. Your names are only transmitted via SSL encryption, and we utilize dedicated servers and managed firewalls to protect your names.
Why is Namler not allowing me any more names today?
Namler is a software as a service (SaaS) website. The software is provided on a membership basis and is centrally hosted for your use. You can run the software several times for free each day without logging in, but at a point you will be required to Login or Sign up to continue to use Namler that day.
Why can’t I create another name project?
It is possible you have hit the free daily limit. In order to unlock all features please Login or Sign up. Thank you.
What is a name cloud?
It’s the term we use for a name project or a group of names you have saved. By organizing your names into clouds it brings you extreme clarity and focus and gets you to the names everyone is looking for, FAST!
How can I put my own words into names?
You can select the “your word” option by clicking the red “options” button. This allows you to keep a custom word present in every single name suggested.
About places and locations, a place I need a name for isn’t in the list
Namler currently knows about every city, country and nationality on earth. At present the city data comprises of locations over a certain population size. We are continually reviewing and improving upon our data sets to give our valued visitors the best options. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to see a place included.
Why is there a people option? I thought this was a business naming app?
People are at the heart and soul of what we do and it felt appropriate that we included a good amount of data based on people names. Also, as some of the most successful small businesses are based on people names, this is as highly relevant to business, as it is a new family naming their child.
What is a blend mode and why are names based on blends great?
Blends are a special type of name known as a “portmanteau”. Portmanteau are new words created from blends of two or more words. Some very strong brand names in recent years have utilized the portmanteau. Namler builds you portmanteaus from the word groups you select in the user interface.
I have a membership but I want unlimited quota! How can I upgrade?
If you would like to change your membership level in order to gain access to everything, follow the simple instructions below. These instructions also apply if you are interested in downgrading your membership to a lower level.
Steps for upgrading or downgrade your membership
First, log in to your account. From your “Account” page, click the link to “Change Membership Level”. The next screen will show you an overview of our available membership levels with links to upgrade or downgrade. After you select a new membership level, you will be directed to our checkout page in order to complete your membership subscription. Your previous subscription payment will be cancelled, and a new subscription payment will be created. Your increased or decreased access will be confirmed once a successful subscription payment has been received for your new membership level.
When do you plan to include more extensions / top level domains (TLD's)?
The main turbo cloud-scanning facility currently supports, .COM, .NET and .ORG.. To check every available extension from there just click the red Namler “N” icon next to any name.
How did you come up with the name, Namler?
Namler came up with Namler of course! Psst…we did it by choosing “blend mode” (which makes portmanteaus), we set the “your word” field to “name”. Then we turned on “reverse placement” mode. We love our new name and we hope you do too 🙂

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