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Hey! 😀 This is why I started building Namler

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It all began with a simple pain point

Why is it so hard to find a good domain name?

Going back as far as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for the web. I find it amazing when you think of all the crazy ways the web is transforming our planet.

From such breakthroughs as providing unlimited knowledge to all corners of Earth, to revolutionizing business, communication and transportation, with tools like WhatsApp, Dropbox and Maps, the Internet has transformed every industry across the business spectrum, and it’s only getting more interesting.

The frustration of naming can be unreal

Because for many of us, what we are building is our life’s work. Entrepreneurs stand-fast by their name choice even if they can’t get the dot-com, and don’t change or move on when they should (instead appending something to the name, like “my” or “app”) to their name. Fast forward on a few years and I would soon find out with every project — this is an extremely common problem!

Naming without a good automation tool is hard

I didn’t know at first I was going to release this. But the more I worked on Namler, the more I found it was completely solving my issues and I came to realise I was getting right at the heart of a problem which affects us all at some time, and it could help many.

 Let’s build something transformational

There needed to be a new approach. Not just another so called “business name generator” or cookie cutter domain name generator like you see everywhere.

What you get here is an all-in-one workspace, with everything from instant domain searching, to company search, social media scanning, whois checking, and everything you need built-in, all with cutting-edge realtime sync — making finding potentially valuable names of the future, easy. A tool that doesn’t replace branding experts, but compliments and helps turbo-charge their efforts. A naming tool for the people.

 Namler named itself too!

Not only did Namler name itself – but it came up with names like Warning.AI – in 10 seconds flat. And with built in privacy (some big bad registrars are known to watch your searches and buy up domains to sell you back at a premium) this keeps your searches hidden and safe.

 The best is yet to come

Namler is evolving into the go-to place for name brainstorming and domain discovery, so you can prosper with the best domain names and digital assets for your projects.

I’d really love it if you’d come along for the ride — so give it a try and see how many great domains you can find in minutes!

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What makes us unique

What makes us unique?

Brainstorming excellence

Brainstorming excellence

Allows you to find, save, track and check all your favorite names all in one place.
Cloud-sync engine

Cloud-sync engine

Lets you collaborate and brainstorm in a highly efficient manner, between your own devices and your team.
Private name clouds

Private name clouds

Your names are stored safely in your own private name cloud so you can access and brainstorm them from any device, anywhere!
Instant delivery

Instant delivery

Don’t wait days or weeks to get names from name experts! Receive them in seconds, and if you don’t like them, one click gets you more!
In depth background analysis

In depth background analysis

Conducting background checks for you all in house, Namler instantly tells you if a name is trademarked, has similar company names and social URLs.
Empower your team

Empower your team

Gives your creative team a tool they can really work with. Collaborate with colleagues or friends, and share by email and your social channels (if desired).
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